The continuous hunger for creativity

Clickbait. You have to read this.

Greetings stranger! Or, you know… welcome back, buddy! If you’ve come this far, I guess you wanna know what this company is all about. Well, let me tell ya.

We mostly do advertisement videos for different kinds of platforms: Facebook, Youtube, web pages… you name it. Lately though, TV-production has also grown to be a big part of our vision. Actually, as we speak, an YLE TV-series is being edited by yours truly. But even though our main focus is aimed at video production, other fun media stuff is still a big part of the reason why this company was born in the first place. So don’t hesitate, send us some love if you have an idea or concept that you wanna develop further – ’cause we’re always hungry for creativity!

PS. You probably wanna know why anyone would name their company Buttergoose? Because! That’s why. Now, go watch some videos.